On the IT Industry

The Rosing Award 2008, Norway

Today the computer association of Norway had their annual Rosing award ceremony (Rosingprisen 2008) where they handed out a total of nine different prices, accompanied by a good band, Funk Factory and a delicious dinner. Fortunately I was able to take part and here are the winners. A great ceremony with remarkable winners.

1. The usability award
– The winner: Bazefield from bazetech

2. The IT Security award
– The winner: The Norwegian Oil industry association

3. The best Norwegian net service
– The nominees: regjeringen.no, finn.no, telepriser.no
– The winner: finn.no

4. The language award
– The nominees: Lexin and LingIT
– The winner: Lexin

5. The IT Leader of the year in Norway
– The nominees: Nils Øveraas (Accenture), Bjørn Kjos (norwegian.no), Fredrik Halvorsen (tandberg.com)
– The winner: Fredrik Halvorsen

6. The Deloitte Fast 50 in Norway award
– The nominees: REC ASA, Norspace ASA, Thermtech AS
– The winner: Thermtech from Bergen

7. The creativity award
– The nominees: eide utvikling, Luup, Sonitor
– The winner: Sonitor

8. The Green IT award
– The nominees: Local / Ergo Group, haldencoe.com, finn.no, NAV
– The winner: Halden COE

9. The Rosing Annual honour
– Mr Georg Apenes, Datatilsynet

On entrepreneurship

More changes than ever before!

It has been a while, a busy while actually. I have been following the presidential election and the financial meltdown closely, and as everybody else I never thought it would have the implications we see today. I have also tried to catch up on web 2.0, enterprise 2.0 and some of the new cool services out there, more about that in a post to come. Now to a changing world – My belief in that change is to the good and that people need to develop their ability to adapt to change seem to be more valid than ever.

In fact, last time I wrote I had a vague perception of that there was this guy called Barack, running for presidency, but he was still battling Mrs. Clinton to win the democratic pole position. When he did, I was totally baffled by how his campaign seems to have woken up people in the United States from their eight year long coma, and “vote for change” – Yes we can! I really like the slogan – Yes we can! Let us turn it – Yes you can! If you get laid off, get started believing. There are a million opportunities to combine something you know, and something someone else know, and woala – a new company is made.

Now, if (or should we say when?) GM should tip over it would free up a whole bunch of very skilled car makers from a company that has been sleeping for years while Toyota in particular and many other Asian car manufacturers have been busy building smaller cars, safer cars, more energy efficient cars, cars running on renewable fuel and so on and so on – constantly building up on the fact that they are environmental friendly and a more sustainable product. It is incredible that GM does not see this – they deserve it.

In Norway times have been somewhat difficult for entrepreneurs the last year, because it has been almost impossible to find good people to work for you – now it is good times to start an adventure and find good people. NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation) said they expected 2000 Norwegians to lose their job every month the next two years. Some of them ought to be entrepreneurs or willing to work for one, and I look forward to see new creativity coming up.

And by the way – did I earlier mention that we do have a global economy? My, has this financial crisis proven that we do. I wonder what the world will look like when we are done with it and many of the large banks are out of the way, and several of the large traditional industrial multinationals file for bankruptcy. This happens while small entrepreneurial businesses who utilizes the power of the fourth production capability, digital information (the three former being human resources, machine resources and material resources) to the full, thrive and employ as never before. Are we entering a new entrepreneurial era?