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A call for car 2.0

I just watched the TED talk, Shai Agassi: A bold plan for mass adoption of electric cars, and I became very excited with his proposal.

He says car 2.0 needs to be about infrastructure coherence and separating the battery from the car. So what does he need:
– Charging stations where you normally park your cars. He states that Scandinavia already have this many places, and we do.
– Battery swapping stations. This we do not have, so let’s start building.

Earlier i wrote about BYD and Tesla, now he tells that the Renault-Nissan alliance is committed to make his dream a reality. That is great news and it seems like most auto manufacturers are really starting to get around!

He also introduve the term eMile (should have been eKM I think), currently priced at 8 cents. Remarkable! Does anyone care to do the math and make comparable tables with gasoline?

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The tiger is back!

Finally! The moment I have been waiting for is here! The tiger in front of Oslo Central Station is back! Oslo is once again claiming it’s rights as Tigerstaden (tiger city).

I have tried to find out where it has been and whether it was plans for it to come back, but did not succeed. Well, here is proof, taken yesterday with my HTC diamond Touch (the kid happened to not want to move out of my picture).

Tiger of Norway (Oslo)

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Projectplace flies high on SaaS model


I am referring to Swedish SaaS Company Projectplace International AB, which proves the Enterprise SaaS model absolutely viable. I was flying home from Tromsø the other day and read an 8 page insert to SAS inflight magazine Scanorana (a nice advertising media by the way).

More than 300 000 projects are currently run on projectplace. I have used it in a project – it works great, but I think it provides less flexibility than for instance a well set up Sharepoint site. However a couple of nice features extend those of Sharepoint, being the time and issue registration features.
I have had several skeptical comments to SaaS, but obviously it works very well for Projectplace. I do not think they have higher security than username and password. That seems to be enough for the projects mentioned above, so perhaps it is enough for Innovation also, ref Induct Softwares SaaS model?

On collaboration, On enterprise SaaS, On outsourcing

Yammer – Free enterprise Twitter as SaaS

Steria Norway is testing collaboration with Yammer – so far we are satisfied and a need is uncovered. It is a great example of enterprise software as a service solution featuring what seems to be good enough enterprise security by reducing visibility by others to only those with same mail domain.

Other than that it is a better version of twitter with file attachments, no post length restrictions and better group functionality.

Our community likes it. However, one needs to assess how it adds value to a projectized organization like Steria. Can it be too much collaboration?