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The power of blogging

Equals zero if nobody reads what you write. How to get readers? (1) Post frequently, (2) post relatively short, crisp and to the point and (3) include a picture (preferably of your boots, boobs (see my last post) or other body parts if you are female) is the top three advices.

Since my sencond last post was May 22nd (i refound some inspiration this week), I tend to write long and I often drop pictures (even though I try) there are no wonder I don’t have thousands of readers. Maybe I can do something about it this autumn?

Let me try to stick to my promise – being a Tiger on the changing world – the fact is I almost feel like the world has stopped changing this summer, but obviously that is not true, I just need to figure out what the hell happened. 

Something did not change though – Kongolesian military courts view on Norwegian “soldiers” killing in their country. Wonder if they get some money from our government, I hope they do not.

Something else that obviously does not change either is CNNs lack of coverage of Norwegian news, I searched CNN for Congo Norway and nothing. Norwegian Aftenposten (Finance crisis took away their English desk, leaving Norway without any English news service to my knowledge 😦 ) had a massive number of news items about the case. UK Guardian have picked it up also, see this article.

Facsimile from The Guardian

Facsimile from The Guardian


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