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Election time – Norwegian politics illustrated

Things are changing in Norway – or maybe not – it is election time and either the current government will be sitting or they will not. The Norwegian national assembly, Stortinget is to be elected on Sunday sept 13th and Monday sept 14th. It is currently relatively open which parties that are to establish a coalition (or sole) government after the election.

The current government led by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is a coalition between the Centre Party, the Norwegian Labour Party and the Socialist Left Party.

How does this relate to world politics? I have made it easy for you (and finally myself, as this has been confusing to me many times) below. PoliticalPartiesUsually, in Norway, we refer to the red wing (meaning left and centre left) and the blue wing (meaning right and centre right). I have found that this red and blue notation meant little or nothing to Americans, and when I put the logos of the Republican party and the Democratic party next to each other I can see why.

Are there legislations against having other colors than red and blue in party logos in the US? Just asking and hope you find my illustration useful. Any comments?


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