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Harvard Business Review revisited three years later

It is time to renew my HBR subscription. Let’s see how we are doing on the Fail’s I listed back on september 2013.


#HBRFail1 – Pay option: Cheque enclosed

redsmile Cheque still an option, wonder how many people use it.

#HBRFail2 – Wrong URL

redsmileThis one should have double negative, it is a new URL, but still wrong. The one printed is http://www.subscription.co.uk/hbr/help where ny account is not found. The right one may be hbr.org/subscriberservices but it is unable to process my four digit zip code to find my subscription.

yellowsmileUpdate: Obviously subscription services for international customers are outsourced to http://www.subscription.co.uk so the URL was right, it was just me who were signed up at HBR with my e-mail, but that e-mail has never been relayed to subscription.co.uk so I could not sign in before registering.

#HBRFail3 – Unclarity whether my account number is 9 or 12 digits

yellowsmile Ok, mediocre, it is better than before, however my account number now have three leading zeros. When did we learn to ignore leading zeros? 1995, IT-class in Excel.

#HBRFail4 – Unhelpful help with the digit length

Not really relevant no more. I am starting to give up.

#HBRFail 5 – Unclear call to action for international users

redsmileOh well, so on https://hbr.org/subscriberservices there is no longer a call to action at all for international users, it is also not possible to select any other countries than these (What is APO/FPO AA) by the way:


#HBRFail6 – Not provide the user with useful error messages

redsmileStill no e-mails regarding the invoice, even though I receive other e-mails from HBR.

#HBRFail7 – Not able to process my MasterCard and to give me feedback about it

yellowquestionAppears I have to call Luke again, since I cannot login. I am not even close at logging in. Tried to Sign Up at https://www.subscription.co.uk/hbr/ocs/ui/public/login.aspx?pub=harv

It said I should receive an e-mail but I didn’t all the while writing this post.

greensmilegreensmileUpdate: The e-mail came after some minutes! I now officially have an account. I activated my account and found this, and went through with “pay my invoice”.


So after all these years are we saying goodbye?

Update: Nope, another year FTW.


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